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We are part of Green Umeå

In Umeå, there are a lot of companies, organizations and associations that all share the common denominator that they work with environmental issues and make the world feel better.

Below you can read about some of them.

BioFuel Region

BioFuel Region initiate, coordinate and collaborate on projects that contribute to a low carbon vehicle fleet and a well-developed bioeconomy in northern Sweden. BioFuel Region is a not-for-profit organisation that collaborates with the public sector, industry and research and development.

BIC Factory

BIC Factory is a corporate incubator with the purpose of discovering and supporting young promising entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in Umeå. BIC offers a creative environment, affordable premises, access to established business networks, further education and guidance from an experienced project manager, business coach and other entrepreneurs.

Cleantech Kvarken

Cleantech Kvarken is a project that will strengthen the development of Västerbotten County, Vasa Region and Örnsköldsvik Municipality as a leader in energy and environmental technology by gathering forces on both sides of Kvarken. More than 110 companies are supported and cooperate in the region's cleantech efforts.


Daresay is a digital design agency working with business and students to explore how services can be designed for sustainability. The company is working with the UN's global sustainability goals as a guiding principle. This reflects internally by looking at how resources are used as well as evaluating new projects based on their potential for positive change.

Earth Organization for Sustainability

We mean that today's civilization is based on an unsustainable paradigm and wants to conduct research on alternative social models. We work through research, public education and social projects at local level aimed at helping people implement changes to sustainability.

Ecobygg in Umeå AB

Ecobygg builds environmentally-friendly houses that has low energy consumption, use non-toxic materials and sort all their waste to the smallest screw. The company has a 5-year environmental plan which includes the goal of building Umeå's most non-toxic house with the lowest energy consumption.

Företagsresor in Umeå AB

The travel agency has, as the first travel agency in the Swedish Travel Agency Cooperation, carried out Travelife's certification for its systematic sustainability work.


Hybricon Bus Systems AB (publ), HYCO, develops and manufactures the world's most energy efficient, clean and quiet system for bus-based public transport. The company's ultrasonic buses can be run continuously, around the clock, on clean electric power.

Miljösamverkan Västerbotten

Miljösamverkan (environmental cooperation) Västerbotten is a common platform for government and industry regarding issues within the environmental framework regulations. The aim is partly to increase the authorities' consensus and competence, partly to create interest and increase knowledge about environmental issues in business and industry.

Mindspace Group

Mindspace works among other things with travel-free meetings used by video systems and a service platform that creates virtual meetings, of which companies and organizations do not need to travel as much. See travel-free meetings as a complement to daily travel such as air, train, car or bus.

Movebybike Umeå

Movebybike is a bicycle hualage company in Stockholm, Malmö, Uppsala, Lund, Umeå and Copenhagen, which carries out items, goods, equipment and persons for both companies and individuals. The freight transports take place free of emissions and citysmart with large, electric assisted bicycles.


Organic Socks of Sweden offers a unique collection of organic cotton socks and high quality lingerie with a colourful designs. In our products, not only the yarn is organic, but our entire supply chain from cotton cultivation to finished product is GOTS certified. Certification means, among other things, that no toxic chemicals have been used, no child labour has been performed and that the production has been environmentally friendly.

SEE sustainability week

SEE Sustainability Week takes place Week 38 annually. It is a week when we together highlight creative, viable and good examples of social, economic, ecological sustainable development in the county of Västerbotten and Norrbotten. Welcome to participate, network and inspire with us!

SpaceTime Communications AB

We have built a service for future travellers. We help organizations and businesses to save both money and reduce their emissions by providing a smart platform that brings together planning, booking, statistics and management in one place. We are Sweden's first service for combined mobility.

Sunfleet car sharing Umeå

Sunfleet in Umeå currently has seven car pools with a total of 28 environmentally-rated cars, of which two clean electric cars, which all residents of Umeå municipality can rent through membership in the car sharing system.

Viva labour market

We work with inclusion and social sustainability by creating collaborations with companies that can provide internship and job training for people outside the labour market, as well as offer companies advice on diversity recruitment, sustainability work and CSR projects.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Umeå University

Activities, through research, education and collaboration, will lead to better health through increased knowledge of risk factors and preventive work. In environmental medicine, the unit's research on health effects of air pollution and climate is particularly prominent. In addition to research and teaching, the unit will help national and international authorities, organizations (eg, WHO) and municipalities in the development of knowledge reviews, impact assessments, limit values, etc.

ZEROEMISSION - Hydrogen in society

With Umeå as a base, the project ZEROEMISSION refers to through a powerful media initiative, within the framework of the concept of "hydrogen in society", spreading knowledge, providing education and other information to society's various actors. The goal is to influence conversion to the exhaust-free society. ZEROEMISSION works closely with other associations and companies that in the same way operate for zero-emission environments.